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What to see on our trips to Peru? Go ahead that Peru is a very large country with an impressive variety of landscapes, where the driest desert and the most lush jungle are only 10 hours away. But that’s not all because it also has a huge concentration of mountain peaks, it has a coastline and oozes history in every corner.

Oh, wonderful Peru. Must be seen to be believed. Open your eyes, wake up suddenly in Machu Picchu, an eternal Inca city, now declared as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is a dream that every person should fulfill. How to plant a tree, write a book, and have a child … know Machu Picchu (and discover the magical Peru).

Oh, amazing Peru. A country with 10 thousand years of history. It was the seat of the fabulous Inca empire. But long before that, ancient civilizations bequeathed to the world superb samples of a glorious past like Caral; the royal tombs of Sipán, the most lavish burial in America; the enigmatic lines of Nasca; and the magnificent fortress of Kuélap and discover all the travel destinations in Peru with CAPSULE TREK.